The History Begins:

Aldo Giuntini's artistic career began at the start of the 1980's when he founded Cryin' Earth, a progressive rock group based in Leghorn in Northern Italy. And the fact that his "progressive" roots have coloured Giuntini's personal and artistic development is clearly evident in the innovative sounds of the first "Project" album "Volume I". Cryin' Earth played their own brand of refined and complex music that attracted a dedicated and coherent following, earning the youthful musicians the status of "cult band". The legendary concert at International Film Studio, attented by some of the most respected progressive music experts, was the ideal springboard for a remarkable career (the group was already getting excellent reviews in the music press).
But the super concert pf 6 June 1984 was to be the last time that Giuntini played with Cryin' Earth - a decision he had already taken as a necessary sacrifice to enable him to move into the Heavy Metal scene.
From 1984 to 1987 the italian guitarist concentrated on perfecting his distinctive sound - a skillful blend of the power of the greatest American virtuosos and the taste and cerebral approach typical of European players.
Aldo now went on to set up his next band, a workshop combo called Sky Drivers, but the Savona-born musician soon realised that the only way to develop his ideas unadulterated was to make his name as a solo artist.
In 1988 the Italian artist met producer Dario Mollo, a talented sound enginer specialised in Heavy Metal mixing and recording and an accomplished guitarist in his own right.
The Mollo/Giuntini liason was vital to the creation of Aldo Giuntini's firs solo album "Project vol.1", started was vital to the creation of Aldo Giuntini's first solo album, started in June 1988 with contributions from some of the biggest names on the italian heavy rock scene. Giuntini spent two years, from 1988, writing and selecting material, working tirelessly on getting just the right type of sound for the project. Then in 1990 UK producer Kit Woolven made his appareance after being favourably impressed with Giuntini's first monitor mix released in the framework of "the project". The only thing needed now was a really top-notch English language vocalist to give the music the international appeal it deserved. But it took two more years and endless auditions and selections before Charles Bowyer turned up at the start of 1992: the long wait had finally paid off, and Bowyer came over from London with his warm-turned voice and impeccable singing technique that blends perfectly with Giutini's sound.
Meanwhile Giuntini was hard at work developing his ideas and keeping the pace of his music really fresh and exiting. Project vol.1 was ready for release in 1993. The title was a natural choice for the first chapter in Aldo's exploration through the various "galaxies" of heavy rock. And this style emerges unmistakably after listening to a selection of the tracks on Volume I. The album shifts from the heady, radio-oriented sounds of the Power Rock number "Price of Love" through the epic "When the Dreams has Died" to the Speed Metal "Masquerade" and the experimental "2099". This last track is a fascinating experiment in futuristic sounds and lays the groundwork for new inroads into the heavy rock genre, challenging the frequently-voiced opinion that this style has already been drained of creative opportunities.